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Panis Bakery(Protected Work Environment)
Panis Bakery (Protected Work Environment)
Operated as a protected/supervised work place for adults with cognitive disabilities, Panis Bakery offers some 30 different varieties of bread and cookies made to order, baked by cognitively-challenged adults under the supervision of professional bakers and vocational trainers. The produced bakery is catered to Catholic churches, nursing homes/day care centers, gu (district) offices, etc. The assembly section of the bakery trains the people with disability on simple maneuvers such as packing and assembling for their pre-vocational training. Call 82-2-441-4207 for questions.
Seoul Assistive Service Center(SASC)
Seoul Assistive Service Center (SASC)
SASC offers assistive technology services that are needed by the people with disability and are appropriate to their developmental or life-cycle needs. The goal is to help them achieve maximum independence and functionality within their community and manage daily challenges successfully. The center also assists them in participating education, vocation and society, in each of which they are entitled to fulfilling their roles as their respective life cycle demands and in improving their life quality. The center is particularly keen on training the individuals with disability and their family or caretakers living with them so that the persons with disability need for using assistive devices/equipment can easily be addressed either by themselves or by the professionals or persons around them. SASC offers a wide variety of channels through which information or services on assistive technology can be accessed more widely by the people with disability who seek community-based assistive services. Call 82-2-440-5891~5896 (or 1599-0420) or log onto for questions.
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