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Implemented 'Care Free Day' program for family with disabled persons

Selected the first phase of the participants for vocational training for persons with disabilities in Gangdong-gu


Implemented 'WATSU 3' course in Seoul Aquatic Rehabilitation Center


Implemented 'Training course of the Strong Parent Strong Children'

Hold International Snoezelen Association 12th Snoezelen Congress


Received Presidential citation for information-culture in the Month of Info-culture

Changed name Seoul Reports Center to Seoul Aquatic Rehabilitation Center


Annual staff training (Analyzing the organizing system of SCRC through ‘GAMMA’); Opened Book gallery of all books published by SCRC


Held quiz contest “Ring the Golden Bell” among elementary school children to enhance under standing of disabilities; Provided hydropsy chomotor therapy specialist training course for the first time in Korea; Opening of the second Snoe zelen Room(psycho relaxation and sensory stimulation therapy) within the institution; Qualified for the second yearly post-accreditation surveillance for the Service Quality Management System Accreditation by Seoul Welfare Foun dation; Held UCC Contest Awards to enhance understanding of disabilities; Registered as a certifying institution for Ai-Chi Aquatic Therapist and Psychomotor Therapy Specialist; Selected as the Best Institution (Grade A) for the 2011 National Evaluation of Community Rehabilitation Centers by the Ministry of Health & Welfare.


5th SCRC director inaugurated (Sr. Secunda Park, Chun-sun); designated as Seoul welfare foundation’s service quality management systemcertified agency; completed Reports Center remodeling


Designated as rehab service provider of children with disability (treatment voucher); produced Korea’s 1st trampoline instructor certified by the German psychomotor therapy association; selected as the implementer of Seoul Didimdol (Stepping stones) Project; held inauguration ceremony for rooftop garden Giwa Maru (Tiled Rooftop); conducted marketing consulting for Seoul welfare foundation


Selected as the top rehab facility in 2008 for Korea as evaluated by the Ministry of Health & Welfare; inaugurated the Seoul Assistive Service Center; hosted the UCC contest to improve public awareness of the people with disability and disseminated promotional DVD’s; sponsored NGN; disseminated customized PC’s to the people with disability


Announced WATSU Day celebrating SCRC’s 25th anniversary; launched a disability awareness impro vement website (; held 25th anniversary ceremony; signed affiliation with DollKorea; held Thank You Patrons events


Promoted Gung Ho! Organization; operated integrative child care support center; implemented demonstration programs for Personal Assistant for the individuals who severely disabled


Disseminated animation film “We Are Best Friends (Wuri Sai Jjangiya)” to middle schools across the nation; won the No. 1 spot in social welfare facility evaluation administered by the Ministry of Health & Welfare (in the disabled category)


Produced and disseminated the animation film “We Are Best Friends” to promote public awareness of children with disability; published “The 20 Years of SCRC”


Hosted “Han Wultari (We Are One) Grand Festival,” a community integration program; offered training for workers from Seoul-based rehab facilities


Held seminar and ceremony in commemoration of SCRC’s 20th anniversary; expanded vocational training and life skill training rooms; 4th director inaugurated (Sr. Pietas Kim, Myeong-sun)


Produced and disseminated disability prevention promotion video & booklet “Disabilities? You Can Prevent Them”; selected as the rehab facility operation consultant by the Ministry of Health & Welfare (operating the center as well)


Amended SCRC CI; launched Panis Bakery; inaugurated SCRC website (www.seoulrehab.;evaluated as No. 1 facility among Korean welfare/rehab agencies serving the people with disability; hosted step-wise international seminar to nurture professional rehab staff members (integrative sensory therapy, aquatic exercise, psychomotor therapy, etc.);


Produced and disseminated the comic book “We Are Best Friends” to promote public awareness of children with disability; produced and disseminated employment support & promotion video “Hope Channel 21 Employment Is In Sight”; became the first Korean rehab facility to offer training in integrative sensory therapy


Opened Seoul Reports Center (provided rooms for aquatic rehab exercise, psychomotor therapy, integrative sensory therapy, relaxation and sensory response facilitation and life skill training); 3rd director inaugurated (Sr. Bosco Kim, Yeong-ja)


Produced and disseminated comic book and animation film versions of “Our Friend Kkachi” to promote public awareness of disabled children


Launched three community living groups; produced and disseminated video and book versions of “This Is How You Transport the People with disability” to promote a better understanding of transporting the people who severely disabled; held celebration event for the “Rehabilitation Dictionary” publication


Opened home welfare service center; inaugurated Seongji Industrial (self-sufficient work environ ment for the people with disability); prod uced and disseminated disability prevention promotion video “Disabilities? You Can Prevent Them”


Expanded and re-opened sheltered workshop Closed vocational training division and restructured it as a supported employment system; held celebration events for 10th anniversary of Seoul Community Rehabilitation Center (SCRC)


Produced video “Mom, Dad, I Can Do This!” to educate parents of the individuals with disability; 2nd director inaugurated (Sr. Consolata Yang, Geum-sun)


Opened 1st early interventional program (C.B.R.) in the community; launched Emmao Class in Mok-dong


Expanded protected work settings and launched corresponding programs


Operated protected work training program for demonstration purposes; offered 1st professional rehab staff training session


Seoul Community Rehabilitation Center (SCRC) founded on December 17; 1st director inaugurated (Sr. Johanna Kwak, Gyeong-ae)

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