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Rehabilitation Process through Programs of the Center

Rehabilitation Process through Programs of the Center

Diagnosis and Assessment

Via counseling, medical examination and various tests, SCRC offers diagnoses of various disabilities and information on their etiology, type and severity. Assesses the clients’ potential from medical, educational, vocational, psychological and social perspectives and proposes a future-oriented direction for holistic rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Services

① Medical Rehab
Through diagnosis, prescription and training of orthoses and therapies (physical, occupational, medication, etc.), the medical program helps the people with disability minimize the impacts of their disabilities on their overall life quality and independent functioning by assisting in the restoration, maintenance and development of their physical abilities.
② Physical, Occupational Therapy

1) Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapy for Children & Adult : Neurophysiologic treatment including N.D.T, Vojta therapy, P.N.F and also general physical therapy to improve recovery of deficient motor function and improve development of latent functions
  • Music & Movement Therapy: combined effort of music therapist and physical therapist in a group activity setting to improve social interaction and encourage active purposeful movement by the child
  • Hydrotherapy: diverse method of hydrotherapy and aquatic exercise are provided
  • Application & Training for Use of Brace

2) Occupational Therapy

  • General Occupational Therapy: functional occupational therapy, sensory and perception training, fabricate helping aids for daily activity and training the use of braces
  • Sensory Integration Therapy: facilitate & organize proper sensory integration ability by providing appropriate sensory stimulation and sensory challenges
  • Sensory Stimulation & Relaxation Therapy (Snoezelen): induction of psychological relaxation by diverse, controlled sensory stimulation and encourage proper behavioral response to the sensory stimulation
③ Educational Rehab

1) Early Special Education

  • Infant & Toddler Class (0-40months old): promote infant and toddler’s general development through interdisciplinary team approach
  • Supported Integration Class: educational programs to prepare children for integration into regular preschools & support the regular preschool teachers involved in integration programs

2) Small Group Parent Education Class (Nest-class): promote the understanding of children with disability and educate proper family rearing techniques

3) Speech Therapy: individual & group therapy

4) Support Program for Integration: support children integrated into regular kindergarten & primary school

5) Toy Library: recommend proper selection of toys for the child, lend and educate the proper use of the toy

④ Vocational Rehab

1) Vocational Counseling and Evaluation: evaluation of vocational abilities and introduce appropriate vocational rehabilitation options

2) Vocational Training & Job Counseling (Supported Employment)

  • Job Adjustment Training: basic skill training occupational training, on-location adjustment training, vocational capacity development training
  • Prevocational Training: functional academic skills instruction, public facilities and services use training, daily life activity training
  • Novel Vocation Development and Task Analysis
  • Job Placement and Follow-up: job search, on-location adjustment training and follow-up and develop novel paradigm(model) for employment

3) Sheltered Work Training & Workshop: production work(bakery, cookie shop) and simple subcontracted assembly line work(electronic component assembly & mailing service)

4) Guide and Create Self-Supportive Sheltered Workshop: guide creation and organization of self-supportive sheltered workshop operated by community parent association

5) Social Adjustment Training: rehabilitation camp, field trip, aquatic leisure activity and special activities etc.

⑤ Psychosocial Rehab

1) Rehabilitation Counseling(individual counseling and group counseling), family therapy

2) Psychological Therapy: play therapy, music therapy

3) Psychomotor Therapy: promotion of holistic development through physical and perceptual activities

4) Social Adjustment Training: supportive programs for parents and siblings of child with disability, programs for adolescent with disability and vacation schools

5) Operate of Telephone Rehabilitation Counseling Program

6) Operate Group Home: guide mentally challenged residents through family life and promote independence

7) Guidance for Religious Life

⑥ Aquatic Rehab

1) Health Counseling & Exercise Program Prescription: prescribe appropriate aquatic exercise program through pre-exercise interview and physical condition examination

2) Aquatic Rehabilitation: individualized treatment program for both children and adults using diverse techniques including Watsu, Bad Radgaz, Halliwick and Aqua exercise

3) Aquatic Exercise: assorted exercise programs using water for expecting mothers, mother & child, elderly and recreational programs

4) Special Swimming Program: special swimming class for children with disability, teenagers and adults

5) Integrated Swimming: integrated swimming program for people with disability and non-disabled persons to promote disability awareness and improve social skills of the disabled

Community Welfare Services

① Community Based Rehabilitation

1) Community Research : though surveys on community needs and resources.

2) Home Visitation Services : counseling, diagnosis, therapy, education and home volunteer services

3) Severely Handicapped Home Support Services : promote autonomy of severely handicapped

4) Supporting childbirth of female with disability, postnatal recuperation and child rearing.

5) Social Adjustment Training : outings and social activities such as going to the movies or attending cultural events

6) Operate Exercise Gym for Disabled Adults

② Social Education

1) Rehabilitation Specialist and Student Apprentice Education

2) Parent Education

3) Volunteer Education

4) Community Leader Education

③ Physical, Occupational Therapy

1) Organization and Development of Parent Association

2) Organization of Functional Group

3) Practical Utilization of Volunteer

4) Rehabilitation Sponsor Program

④ Enlightenment
Production of various leaflets, videos, books and materials aiming at disability prevention and awareness promotion; promotion via the mass media, tours and the operation of the website
⑤ Community Networking Program

1) Improve Regional Rehabilitation Services Delivery System for the Disabled

2) Estabilish and Provide Guidance for Extended Services Rehabilitation Facilities

3) Estabilish Welfare Network within the Community

4) Seoul Didimdol(steppingstones)Project : A community-based engagement project where participating businesses, stores, private tutoring agencies, etc. offer collective help to those neighbors in need.

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