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Seoul Report Center(Seoul Rehabilitation Sports Center)
Seoul Report Center
Founded in 1997, the Seoul Reports or Seoul Rehabilitation Sports Center is an aquatic rehab facility designed to help the people with disability achieve rehabilitation and social integration through water-based rehab exercise programs. Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of water, WATSU, AT&RI, Ai-chi, and other techniques are being used to provide underwater rehab exercises; special swimming and integrative swimming programs that help ensure rehabilitation of the people with disability as well as the health and wellbeing of the community. The center is also dedicated to improving the quality of Korean aquatic rehabilitation by hosting international seminars, etc., helping to nurture professionals in the field. Call 82-2-440-5880~5881 or log onto for questions.
Screening Tests for Infants & Young Children
Screening Tests for Infants & Young Children
SCRC offers screening tests for infants and young children using K-ASQ and ASQ: SE (infant monitoring questionnaire filled out by parents, examining overall development and socio-emotional integrity of children). The offered information on the children’s development may be utilized in many different ways. The screening tests can also take place at infants and young children’s health care and examination facilities or at those places coordinated with the CCIC. Please don’t hesitate to contact SCRC for more information. Call 82-2-440-5700 or 5751 (Training Team) for questions.
Specialist Training
Specialist Training
  • Vojita
  • Psychomotor Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • SNOEZELEN(psycho relaxation and sensory stimulation therapy)
  • Aquatic Rehabilitation(Watsu, AT&RI, Ai-Chi, Hydro Psychomotor Therapy)
  • Parental Education Instructor Course(Starke Eltern-Starke Kinder)
  • McCarron-Dial Evaluation System
Center for Vocational Assessment(CVA)
Center for Vocational Assessment
CVA is the implementation agency of the vocational rehabilitation promotion project for the people who severely disabled; a program sponsored by the Ministry of Health & Welfare and is among six such centers installed across the country. A multidisciplinary team of experts including vocational rehab specialists, clinical psychologists and occupational therapists offers services in vocational assessment of the people with disability. The process involves identifying potential of individuals with disability and helping them make rational choices that suit their lives. Systematic assessments of their professional capability and the related physical, mental, social and vocational qualities are offered. Also, support is available to ensure proper vocational rehab services for the people with disability. Call 82-2-440-5821~5824 for questions.
Education for improving recognition of Disability
Education for improving recognition of Disability
Let organizations, middle and high schools to visit SCRC and introduce the purpose of center, cause of disability, type of disability, and prevention of disability to aim to holistic understand of disability. Also, give disability experience to participant to feel uncomfortable of disability and this program lead to them not only understand of disability but also improve true etiquette of treating people with disability.
SCRC Publication of Rehab Books & Synthetic diagnosis Materials
SCRC Publication of Rehab Books & Synthetic diagnosis Materials
As part of its R&D initiative, SCRC publishes (including materials and videos*) on diagnosis/examination, medical/aquatic exercises, educational rehab, speech therapy, psychotherapy/psychosocial rehab, vocational rehab, CBR, planning/administration and enlightenment*, and periodicals. Call 82-2-440-5733 (Accounting Team) or log onto for questions.
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